6/7/8 July – Welsh Hill Rally

That’s Motorsport Ltd will organise and promote a National B Hill Rally on the 6/7/8 July 2018 at Walters Arena, MSA Permit no 104111.

To join in the interactive fun and ask questions please join our Facebook Group > The Welsh Hill Rally 2018

We are super excited to be running this event and intend to put a slightly different twist on it:

  • The event will be spread over 3 days: (Not finalised yet but 99%, just wanted to give you a brief heads-up)
    • Friday, Scrutineering/Signing on/Parc Ferme then Drivers Briefing followed by 2 stages starting approx 17:00 finish about 20:00 No Parc Ferme
    • Saturday, several stages/services Starting at 10:00 finishing around 19:30 No Parc Ferme
    • Sunday, several stages/services Starting at 09:00 finishing around 15:30 Parc Ferme,Provisional/Final Results. Prize-giving approx. 16:35
  • Scrutineering and Noise Check will be open between 10:15 til 16:00 on Friday
  • Nice stages, some parts have had a Bulldozer and 80 ton roller run over them to crush the teeth that appear sometimes 🙂
  • Nice stages, the landowner has told me that once we have agreed a route he will run the Bulldozer and 80 ton roller over those as well
  • Stages will have fast bits, technical bits and rough bits remember we need to stay under 50mph average
  • If we need chicanes we intend to make them out of traffic cones, you will get a penalty for hitting them but they are easily and quickly replaceable by a marshal

We have also made the following arrangements:

  • On-Site Catering will be delivered by Classic Catering who will provide
    • Hot Food
    • Big Marquee/Lights/Tables/Chairs + PA
    • Generator
    • External Floodlights
  • Several Portable Loos
  • Special Stage (Wayne Goldring) and team will be filming the event including Drone footage (Weather permitting)
  • ISO Container Offices to be used as on site office for Radio Control, Timing Personnel and Event HQ
  • Dedicated car wash point with 2 big jet washers and a truck load of water

Check the site for more information.

Check and download the Suplementary Regulations