24/25 March – Garage Rijsenhout Beachrace IJmuiden


We are already looking forward to the first race this year. This is traditionally the ‘Garage Rijsenhout Beachrace’ on 24 and 25 march on the beach of IJmuiden.

Behind the scenes we are already busy arranging everything and it is progressing well until now. Over 35 teams have allready subscribed. We are going to make another great weekend where traditions such as the mass starts and the Joker Lap are part of this competition again.

Participants in the T1, T2, Special class, Side by sides and Trucks are welcome.

For the Side by Sides, it is important to read the latest regulations because there is a change in the type of roll cage. The Side by Sides may build the cage itself but it must then comply with the rules of the Auto Sport Yearbook 2018. Or it must be a cage with a certificate issued by an ASN affiliated with the FIA.

If the cage does not comply with the new rules, it is not possible to drive and no exceptions can be made. So make sure that your roll cage is adapted to the applicable rules in the coming months. A list with roll cage manufacturers can be downloaded from the KNAF website. Information can also be given to the KNAF. If you do not have a good cage then you can unfortunately not participate in the races of the eb NK Offroad Racing Series.

Also in 2018 we want to race with the trucks over the beach again. During the RTL/GP Pre-prologue there were chats with all the teams present and our invitation was enthusiastically received.

We hope for many participants in the Trucks. We have also had contact with Kamaz’s truck team and asked if they would like to participate. The reaction was positive, they had nice memories of the beach race in Scheveningen where Kamaz had to face Jan de Rooy in his powerful Turbo Twin. The date of the Garage Rijsenhout Strand Race is on the agenda at Kamaz.

If you didn’t sign up allready, please sign up for the Garage Rijsenhout Beachrace via the link below:


Costs for participation are:
Car: € 450,-
Truck: € 450,-
Side by side: € 400,-

IBAN: NL55KNAB0283119799
Ino: Stichting Nederlandse Terreinsport Associatie

With friendly and sandy greetings,

Organization team Garage Rijsenhout Strandrace 2018.

Henri Joosten, Peter Zondag and Maurice Giovannini.